Is taking the world by storm.

But don't take our word for it watch what the BBC has to say about Bubble Soccer.

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We can supply complete kits and suits from 2 aside to 11 aside including giant bouncy football and inflatable goals if required.

Bubble Soccer

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Please note that our product has been specially designed for the rigors of Zorb football. They are not the regular body Zorbs that are promoted in the mass market which are fine for playing and bouncing around but will not last and could be very dangerous when used by full grown men in a competitive situation.


Please call brian for a chat on 07974017181

or email brian@infiniteinflatables.co.uk

We also run our own franchises and our franchisees have

 helped us develop our products.

So when you buy from us: 

You are buying products specially designed by us the end

 user. We have designed out all the problems that occur

 when used by less than careful staff at busy sites. 

We only use best quality products including highest grade materials by PLATO the worlds No1 manufacturer of PVC TPU and PVC/Tarpaulin also we only use genuine German TZips and not dangerous Chinese copies

  • We can help you set up and run your operation and provide 100% and constant back up, via phone or internet.
  • We can help you acquire sites.
  • We can help with marketing, promotion and Pricing.
  • We can help with maintenance and safety.
  • We can write your Health and Safety Risk Assessment.
  • We can train your staff in best practice and maintenance of your quite fragile asset.
  • We can help you with your Public and Employee Liability Insurance

Finance Available Contact Brian 07974017181

All our products comply with strict UK. EU & US Government

and industry standards

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UK's Best Prices