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Top quality Zorbs are large 3m TPU balls

 with 4 point harnesses built in, so you can

 strap your customer in and safely roll them

 down your zorb course.

Alternatively they can be used to run around on a flat surface. Our Zorbs are of a quality that it is quite acceptable for customers to attempt to knock each other over by bumping into each other. 

If you just want to knock each other over try:

Body Zorbs.

3m Water Zorbs

Because we are the only supplier that also operate our own franchise opportunities at  many sites, we have designed out many inherent problems that we have experienced over the years so we can genuinely say that our balls will give much better service than any other in the world.

  • We only sell top quality TPU balls designed by us.

  • We only use German made TZips. (Not Dangerous Chinese copies)
  • We only use material made by PLATO the largest manufacture of PVC and associated product in the world. 

  • We can usually have your order manufactured and delivered to you within 10 working days

  • We will deliver to any address world-wide.

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Whether you have access to a hill or not you can get Zorbing

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 All our products comply with strict UK. EU & US Government and industry standards

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